Executives Only

Executives Only were founded by Thit Aaris-Høeg, who also runs the consulting business.

As the name suggests, Executives Only is aimed at executives looking for sparring from someone who knows what it means to sit at the end of the table.

Thit Aaris-Høeg knows this since she has primarily done this throughout her career. In addition to the work advising selected top managers under Executives Only, Thit Aaris-Høeg works as CEO of two private foundations; The Foundation for Social Responsibility and the Foundation for Social Investments.

In addition to her solid practical experience as a top manager, Thit Aaris-Høeg is well-educated in psychology and business.

She has a global executive MBA from Henley Business School and is an internationally certified executive coach, psychodynamic psychotherapist and mediator.

She has her practice and collaborates with Danish and international consulting houses.

Thit Aaris-Høeg advises managers in both private and business matters.

Working method

Focus area

Confidentiality & trust

The manager needs a confidential space where they can talk openly and freely about challenges or wishes for change.


Thit Aaris-Høeg has practical experience with top management from private and semi-public companies and organisations and, at the same time, a solid educational background in business and psychology. 

Personal development

To move oneself as a person or leader or to change one's career, one first needs to know one's strengths and limitations, including learned patterns and beliefs. As a rule, you also need help looking at a matter or a theme objectively as possible, which a coach can help you with. In addition, you must desire development or change, and the vast majority have this when they sign up for a counselling or sparring course. It is expected that you do not know exactly where you want to go, what the exact cause of your challenges or restlessness is, or what the perfect solution for you will be. You are welcome as you are and with precisely what you want to shed light on, get better at, stop or change.