Strengthen your leadership

Developing sparring at eye level


Advice is Effective if you have a personal or business relationship that you want to examine, plan or change.

Confidential framework

You get the opportunity to develop yourself and your company in a confidential setting.


As an experienced advisor, Thit knows what it takes to help you solve both acute problems and create sustainable changes.

A counselling period can be of shorter or longer duration, depending on what needs to be worked on. Together we uncover the current situation and the desire for change before setting goals and making a realistic plan to execute these.

Et rådgivningsforløb kan være af kortere eller længere varighed alt efter hvad det er der skal arbejdes med. Sammen afdækker vi den nuværende situation samt ønsket om forandring og herefter at sætte mål og lægge en realistisk plan for eksekveringen af disse.

The counselling sessions can take place both physically and online.

Management Partnership

More and more top managers have a personal sparring partner with whom they meet as needed.

Cold on top

It is cold at the top, and it is not only nice but also sensible to have a professional sparring partner.

No hidden agendas

Many managers need a confidential space to receive intense sparring based solely on their goals and interests. When the manager talks to colleagues in the company, there can be hidden agendas, and the manager might not been able to speak freely.

The manager, on the other hand, can do this in a management partnership, where the confidential and open dialogue can create clarification for the manager.

Executive 1-1

The relationship does not have a specific expiry date, and there is an opportunity for the top manager and adviser to get to know each other very well. This type of relationship provides many opportunities for ongoing support and development for the top manager.


Thit has extensive experience supporting, evaluating and developing executive boards, boards and management groups.

More extensive tasks are solved in collaboration with selected partners.

Emergency crisis assistance

Managers are humans too. In connection with severe accidents in the manager's life, including serious illness, death, divorce, dismissal, etc., there may be a need to talk things through with a professional.

With Thit Aaris-Høeg, you are in good hands, as through her therapeutic background, she has many years of experience in helping clients who are in the middle of a crisis or who are about to rise after one.

Stress and overuse

In connection with massive work pressure over a long period, it is not unusual for top managers to develop more or less appropriate coping or survival strategies instead of collapsing with stress like other people soothe their anxiety/pain.

In this connection, managers and not least top managers are at risk of developing a bad lifestyle or definite overconsumption of, e.g. alcohol, food, sleeping pills, painkillers, other drugs, sex or anything else that can have severe consequences in the long term. We also like to talk about that at Executives Only, and since Thit Aaris-Høeg is both a trained coach and therapist, there is also the possibility of help with different private matters.